The Depersonalization & Derealization Solution


Depersonalization & Derealization recovery solution

20 Years practice - 100% recovery effectiveness - Created over 22 years of research and practice

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Depersonalization Disorder and Derealization disorder are said to be conditions related to mood and mental health.

Suffering from depersonalization and derealization is both alarming and  unnecessary in equal quantities.

What will we do for YOU?

You will be provided with specific guidance to erase depersonalization and derealization and to remove any underlying anxiety conditions, phobias, obsessions or low mood.

You may be surprised to learn that depersonalization and derealization are features of a fear disorder and exist only as part of the fear/anxiety response.

Derealization and depersonalization have specific functions despite 'feeling' so dreadful and threatening. This will all be explained clearly to you.

"I will prove to you that DP and DR aren't what you think, or have been told, they are. I will show you what to do to remove them both quickly and without any real effort". Charles - Director


In simple, video-led guidance, you will be shown the science and told how to scientifically and simply switch off Depersonalization and Derealization fast.

It can't fail - once you understand the simple science, you are 90% on the way to recovery.

The program is delivered via our recovery portal and works on any PC, Mac, phone, tablet or laptop.

In addition to the core program, you will receive additional guidance to help you to rebalance yourself physically and mentally so that resilience, health and wellbeing return quickly and naturally.

The program includes easy-access tools and resources to bring about fast relief from anxiety, panic, phobias and other related conditions.

This program is based on the sciences of neurology and endocrinology and over 20 years of recovery practice.

You will also receive many useful extras to expedite your recovery.

Efficacy: Its efficacy was rated at 100% by NHS specified trials.

It's simple, it makes sense and it works.