Physical and emotional balance explained

Physical And Emotional Balance ExplainedStress, anxiety and all disorders of the emotions are caused by imbalance between the physical body and mind.

Your mind and body WANT balance… they work together constantly to bring about systemic equilibrium… or as near to it as possible - imbalance is hard work for our bodily systems so restoration of it is the mind's #1 priority.

Most people know what a hangover feels like; a hangover is the result of creating systemic imbalance through the ingestion of a poison (alcohol) and the body and mind's fight to restore chemical and physical equilibrium.

These restorative responses are constant as we deal with everything we experience within our environments.

Being unfit is a form of disorder. We are born in balance, but if we do not do what the mind and body needs in order to maintain that balance, unfitness develops.

Doing what it takes to restore systemic 'fitness' is achieved by targeted behaviours.

Your mind and body are mostly occupied with fuelling your body, balancing systemic chemicals, including hormones, removing contaminants, fighting infection and bacteria and ejecting waste… in essence, maintaining systemic balance.

To regain and maintain balance, you must provide your body and mind with what they need in terms of sustenance, data and movement.

When you provide what it takes to create a sound foundation and you DO what is required to return your emotional balance to ‘normal’, you will think and feel great… as you should… you will regain your ‘birth-preset’ physical and mental equilibrium.

Reaching that state of balance means that you don’t ‘need’ substances or other interventions in order to enjoy life, you will be well, feel well and enjoy your life experiences.

Instructions of how to achieve balance and wellbeing is the focus of every resource we create.



The recovery programs work by reversing the formation of an anxiety disorder.

They work in the same way as exercise creates fitness... what you do with your body sends adjustment signals through the senses to reset emotional responses back down from disorder to order. There is no other way to recover from anxiety, panic, OCD and all associated disorders of the emotions. This is dictated by human evolution and cannot fail to work. No other process can achieve relief.

Why do other therapies fail?

Diet, meditation, counselling, talking therapy, hypnosis etc. do not reach the part of the mind responsible for the creation of the disorders. They are all, at best, distraction - in fact, they are more than that... they prevent you from recovering. The brain makes adjustments to the emotions in one way only. Anxiety disorders are not created in the brain, despite how they feel... they don't require emotional support or psychology because they are entirely unassociated with the brain and its function. All disorders including anorexia, OCD, panic attacks, etc. are not illness... they are disordered emotional response... fear disorder. Diet, therapy, hypnosis... in fact any other process cannot change that.

So why are we different?

Put simply, TLM provides a simple to follow instruction manual to quickly making the changes that produce recovery.

NOT doing TLM is ignoring recovery.