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The recovery programs work by reversing the formation of emotional disorders.

They work in the same way as exercise creates fitness... what you do with your body sends adjustment signals through the senses to reset emotional responses back down from disorder to order. There is no other way to recover from anxiety, panic, OCD and all associated disorders of the emotions. This is dictated by human evolution and cannot fail to work. No other process can achieve relief.

Why do other therapies fail?

Diet, meditation, counselling, talking therapy, hypnosis etc. do not reach the part of the mind responsible for the creation of the disorders. They are all, at best, distraction - in fact, they are more than that... they prevent you from recovering. The brain makes adjustments to the emotions in one way only. Anxiety disorders are not created in the brain, despite how they feel... they don't require emotional support or psychology because they are entirely unassociated with the brain and its function. All disorders including anorexia, OCD, panic attacks, etc. are not illness... they are disordered emotional response... fear disorder. Diet, therapy, hypnosis... in fact any other process cannot change that.

So why are we different?

Put simply, we provide a simple to follow instruction manual to quickly making the changes that produce recovery.

NOT doing this is ignoring recovery.

NHS specified trials provided efficacy data demonstrating 100% recovery outcomes.

TLM is an NCFE accredited psycho-educational recovery practice in accordance with NICE guidelines and the NHS Stepped Care Model.

LTE - NCFE - UKRLP - BPS & BACP practitioner support.

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