Do you know what Anxiety Is?

Sufferers know how it feels, but no one tells them why they suffer, how the experiences are generated within the mind and also, what purpose they serve.

Feeling nervous is normal... feeling over-nervous is disorder - disorder that can be quickly erased.

Yes, they serve a purpose. Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, they are not 'illness' or 'disorder' and certaibly aren't a sign of frailty, mental ill-health or vulnerability.

Anxiety conditions are embellised forms of normal emotional response and they are quickly curable... if you know how. We know how.

Anxiety isn't about FEAR, it's about inappropriate thoughts, risk assessments and compulsive responses... but it's NOT about depression of mental illness... and we will prove that to you.

FINALLY, a solution that removes the disorder centrally

Our programs do a number of vital things... they:

  • Provide clear explanations of the science of the conditions
  • Reassure sufferers with regard to every symptom and thought
  • Provide simple to use techniques that switch off the disorder
  • Provide resources to support and guide sufferers through to recovery

Do they work for everyone?

All disorders of the emotions are just that... disordered emotions, but not illness. They are not 'spiritual', or a crisis of confidence.

Just like being unfit is the disorder of fitness, disordered emotions are the disorder of emotional response.

In the same way as unfitness is cured by creating different responses in your mind, disorder is returned to order... it's so simple. It's logical. it's science.

Our programs will show you the fastest and ONLY way to quickly, naturally and simply erase the disorders with very little effort, no side-effects and without using inappropriate drugs or therapies.

Just instructions that fix the problem fast.

No other organisation comes close to the results we create

Since 1996 we have produced the highest recovery rates in any field of mental health education. We are the oldest provider of recovery therapy online and we are an accredited recovery and practitioner training organisation.

Our products have been developed over decades of practice by qualified educators, psychologists and psychotherapists.

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